Coaching You To Financial Freedom

Get organized, pay down debt, and grow your savings to reduce stress over your personal finances.

If you don’t control your personal finances, they’ll control you

  • PDo you wish you had more free time to spend with your family or engaging in your hobbies?
  • PDo you ever get to the end of the month with more bills than money?
  • PDo you have a pile of bills on your dining room table?
  • PDo you pay just the minimum on your credit cards, student loans, and other debt?
  • PDo you ever hide money or bills from your spouse/partner, (or suspect they're doing the same to you)?
  • PDo you and your partner fight about money?

Imagine yourself a year from now

You’re standing at the crossroads of making a lifechanging decision. You can take one of three paths:

One, you could engage with us, let us help guide you through to financial freedom. Two, you could try to “do it yourself,” and spend precious time and resources trying organize and manage your finances. Three, you could do nothing at all, and hope that it gets better.

Which of these paths do you imagine will be most successful in one year? What about five years? How will it feel if you decide to put it off or give it a try on your own… and in one year you’re in the EXACT same situation?

Doing nothing isn’t going to make things better. In fact, ignoring your finances will only serve to make them worse. If you’re really serious about changing your life and clearing the path to financial freedom, contact us today.

What do you get from working with a financial coach?



We help you bring order to your financial life. 



We help you follow through on financial commitments.


Peace of Mind

We help reduce your stress and anxiety over money.


Financial Freedom

We help you reach financial freedom sooner than you expect.

Let us guide you on a path to financial independence

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We've been in bad situations...

We know what it’s like to struggle with personal finance issues  – past due bills, living paycheck to paycheck, collection calls, mounting credit card debt.

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... and we've gotten out!

We developed our program to help people just like you with their financial issues. By getting organized, planning a budget, reducing our expenses, and paying off debt, we forged a path to financial freedom.

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We know what it's like!

We have worked with dozens of families to improve their finances. While each story is unique, many of the problems they face are similar. We know how to help!

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We have the training.

Our financial coaches go through an intensive training process to give them all the knowledge and skills they need to give you the best financial coaching available.

Get your action plan!

During your Foundation & Plan Kickoff meeting, we will create your action plan. Your action plan is set up to help you reach your goals. Whether that’s paying off credit cards, getting rid of a car payment, or saving for vacation, we will find a path to get you there. How does the Foundation & Plan Kickoff work?

Step 1: Homework

We’ll send you some homework. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad! We ask you to gather some information and paperwork related to your finances (like bank statements, past due bills), and send to us for review. We’ll give you a complete list of everything we need.

Step 2: Meeting

Our meetings are all virtual. We take care of all the technology, so you don’t have to. We will review the homework items that you sent, we’ll talk about what financial freedom means to you, and we’ll work on a budget.

Step 3: Action

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  When you leave our first meeting, you’ll not only have better understanding of your finances, but you’ll also have an action plan to implement – a guide to get you to the next step and further.

It all starts here!

We love to see our clients WIN.

My goal is to help people with their personal finances, so they can spend less time worrying and more time doing the things they love.

I started Prospera because I believe that if we can take some pressure off  families – by helping them organize their finances, establish and stick to a budget, control their expenses, and pay down debt – we can give them the time, energy, and peace of mind they deserve.

And that’s a win for everyone.

Please reach out if you’re ready to make a positive change.

Matt Williams

Founder and Lead Coach 

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