Make Every Client Your Best Client

At Prospera Financial Coaching, we help our clients completely change their lives by examining the income, expenses, and savings. Through our coaching, our clients build a customized budget and learn to manage their money. We lay a strong foundation of sensible habits along with an easy-to-use budgeting approach to help them achieve their savings and investment goals.

We realize you spent a lot of time assisting your clients with their day-to-day finances. We also know that it’s probably not your favorite part of your job. We look into every dollar of a person’s spending and teach people how to manage their money in a more fulfilling way. They become better managers of their money, which means they’re more engaged in saving for their future, resulting in a better client for you.

Financial Planners Are Our Most Valuable Asset

What makes Financial Planners our most valued asset is that you are seeking clients with money to invest. We help clients “find” money and partner with financial planners to give them a plan for their future, to invest their “new” money wisely.

When Your Client Needs a Financial Coach

  • They cannot answer the question “How much do you spend on groceries?”
  • They take premature distributions or unplanned withdrawals from retirement and other investments.
  • They make low or no contributions to savings, investments or retirement relative to income.
  • They contribute only to withdraw it a few months later.
  • They receive a windfall of money (bonus, raise, tax refund, gift from family member, etc) and you never see it.
  • Credit card debt or student loans are holding them back from reaching their savings goals.
  • They’re not sure how they spend their money.
  • They have a life change coming up which will dramatically alter their lifestyle – marriage, having a baby, retiring, etc.

The Benefits of Partnering with Prospera

  • Increased assets under management.
  • Higher conversion and close rate.
  • Increased engagement by clients for their financial future.
  • Reduced expenses for 100% of our clients which means more money to invest.
  • Partner with a business with a proven record of success who you can trust.

My name is Matt Williams, I’m the head financial coach and founder behind Prospera Financial Coaching.

I grew up without any sort of financial literacy. I knew the basics, of course, but no one ever taught me how to make (and stick to) a budget, or how to balance a checkbook, or the importance of saving. This lack of knowledge really hurt me in my 20s when my wife and I fell on hard financial times. I finally decided I’d had enough and gave myself the financial education I’d been lacking. Through focus, hard work, and determination, I paid off over $50,000 in consumer debt and brought my credit score back from the dead.

Shortly after, I decided to help people escape the same shame by untangling and demystifying day-to-day financial matters.

Money is the number one cause of stress in America. The majority of Americans are in debt, not saving for emergencies, without a budget, and not thinking about where their money is going.

Every day I see people come into my office who aren’t sleeping at night, constantly fighting with their spouse, and wondering why there is no money left at the end of the month. It’s astounding because these aren’t poor families; many of them make a great income and still have this struggle.

As a financial coach, I take an often taboo and stressful topic and embower people to make the right decisions. People get frustrated and feel hopeless because they don’t use a simple and intuitive budget, make financial mistakes, and are reactive with their finances. This means they can’t put their hard-earned money towards their dreams and goals.

Through our one on one financial coaching program, I help guide your clients to take charge of their money for a happier, more restful, less stressful financial outlook.

Financial coaches are the leaders at reducing financial stress. At Prospera Financial Coaching, we have helped thousands of clients pay off an average of $14,000 in debt, fulfill their emergency savings, and put their money toward their dreams and goals.

And we can help your clients have the same time of experience.

I’d love to have a brief phone call with you to see if we share a mutual interest. The button below will allow you to schedule whatever time works best for you.

Closing Thoughts

You probably hear from hundreds of people, maybe even daily, who want you to refer them business.

You may have even seen my credentials as a Financial Coach and thought, “I don’t want someone else telling my clients what to invest in or even taking clients away from me.”

Let me reassure you: I’m different than what you may expect.

As a financial coach, I work clients on the day-to-day aspect of finances, not on the long term/ investment side of things. I really make clients better for you because I get in the weeds of their budgets, help them make plans to pay off debt and set and achieve goals so that investing is top priority.

I work hand in hand with you, as well as your clients, to make sure they are moving in the right direction towards your long term investing plan by providing high-value financial coaching so they have a better short term outlook on their finances.