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I come from a true entrepreneurial family. Growing up, my parents own a cleaning service, a bakery, and a gift shop! I was, of course, an involuntary employee. I would watch my mom and dad get up every morning and get out the door by 5 am. They would both work full, long days in an effort to make things better for our family.

Unfortunately, as small business owners, my parents we so focused on running their businesses, that they often struggled with running their household. Bills would sometimes go unpaid – either because they were just too busy to do that work, or simply because the money wasn’t there. There were numerous times that they would be slow to pay so that they could make payroll. They would always put the well-being of their staff before themselves.

As an entrepreneur myself (I owned a web design business before getting into finanical coaching), I know what it’s like to have to pay the business bills, make payroll, pay taxes – and, hopefully, have some left at the end of the month to take care of my family. But I got organized, learned everything I could about personal finance, and now I don’t worry so much about day-to-day bills.

Now, I have a program that helps entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom by establishing a personal budget, reducing household expenses, and eliminating debt.

I’m looking forward to helping you, too.

Coach Matt